These are the seven deadly sins that everyone commits in Miami

Be better, Miami.
Be better, Miami. abril via

We are shocked to learn that Florida is one of the most sinful places in America.

According to a WalletHub survey, which cannot possibly be exaggerated or wrong, we are the no. 2 most sinful state in the country. The only place worse than us? Nevada, home to Las Vegas.

At least what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens in Florida is usually spread all over the Internet.

And though it has not been proven, we sense Miami has contributed to this high ranking, considering our high rate of crazy. Our sins are exposed in new and unique ways. Wrath by sledgehammer. Sloppiness on a plane. The fact that people visit Ocean Drive to eat at TGIF.

But what are our seven deadliest sins? We think we know.

Eating the croquetas out of the sampler box before you get to the meeting

vicky1 bakery lmon cmg.JPG
Don’t bogart the croquetas. El Nuevo Herald Archives

Bro, seriously? You ate them ALL?

Not knowing your order at the Pollo Tropical drive through

You get a TropiChop every damn day. Stop acting like you’re going to branch out.

We only have half an hour for lunch, and there are 40 cars in this line. You have got to speed it up.

Going to Starbucks when you can buy a colada on every corner

Who needs a soy extra hot latte when perfection is a fraction of the price?

And there’s enough for everybody. Sharing is caring.

Being super vain and super cheap at the same time

Don’t cheap out on your new rack. Miami Herald Archives

Just pay full price for your Botox and don’t drive out to that guy’s converted garage in Hialeah.

Cutting into the line for the highway off ramp

The morning commute for drivers in South Miami-Dade along US-1 North is full of stops and stalls. This time-lapse video shows how part of the drive, an 11.5-mile stretch along US-1 North, took 62 minutes on a recent Thursday morning, April 20, 201

I have been sitting here for 20 minutes, and you just wedged that overpriced Audi in front of my five-year-old Hyundai. I want you dead, even though I will do the same thing tomorrow.

Forgetting how to drive in the rain every summer

103 Weather DS.JPG
It rains every day. This is not a mystery. David Santiago

Pro tip: Turn off the hazard lights, turn on the wipers.

Abuse of the word “bro”

Heybro (1) (1).jpg

Also, “supposably” is not an actual word.

Miami Herald Food Editor Carlos Frias and editor Amy Reyes take you on the must go to croqueta spots around Miami. What are they?