Miami drivers, please, learn where the registration stickers go on your license plates


The little yellow decal that indicates when your vehicle’s registration expires is something we don’t give much thought. It’s small, yet ubiquitous. A necessary bit of bureaucratic paperwork, but otherwise, forgettable.

And yet, we are haunted by the stickers.

Because in Miami, no one seems to know where these stickers are supposed to go.

It’s an inescapable part of Miami driving culture: Like hazard lights in the rain or lane-changing without using a blinker.

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We’re going to say this once, and we want you to read it carefully, South Florida drivers:

The little yellow sticker goes in the top right corner of your license plate.

Top. Right. Corner.

Not the top left. Not the bottom right. And please, for the love of all the saints on all the candles in Navarro, not on the orange in the middle.

And when you are issued a new sticker? JUST PUT IT OVER THE OLD ONE.

The stickers are not there to make a pretty neon border around your WADE 4 MVP vanity plate. It’s not an opportunity to spice up your plastic FIU alumni license plate frame.

The DMV website puts it plainly: “You must have a decal in the upper right corner of your license plate that shows the month and year that your registration expires.”

So simple, so easy. There’s even a little indentation ON YOUR PLATE that indicates where that decal should go.

If you’ve never noticed this particular quirk of Miami’s ~otherwise stellar~ drivers, you will now.

But you won’t just notice it. You won’t be able to escape it. You’ll start playing a new version of license plate bingo where you look for a plate that’s got all four corners and a sticker on the orange.

Once you find that license plate, you can bet that none of those little stickers are current.