Shay needs better wigs, and other things Twitter teaches us about ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’

Shay's wigs are the stuff of legend.
Shay's wigs are the stuff of legend.

“Love & Hip Hop Miami” is back for another episode this week, and if you haven’t noticed its Twitter hashtags are too lit. Needless to say, it’s best to watch the show with phone in hand. At this point, though, we’re not sure which is funnier — the drama or the tweets.

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(OK, probably the tweets). Every week, there are recurring themes in the online conversation, making following along even if you aren’t watching the show a huge LOL fest. We’ve compiled our favorites for your pure entertainment. Without further ado…

The best “Love & Hip Hop Miami” tweets (organized thematically).

Shay’s hairdos

Shay has been on television since the days of “Gilligan’s Island” and still can’t get her wig game together.

Jojo’s realness

She’s not an aspiring singer or rapper or producer. Jojo is on the show because she knows how to keep singers, rappers and producers looking fresh to death. She is not, however, on the show for the BS. She will call you out if she catches you being shady, as Veronica and Blue Hair found out last week.

Prince’s sexuality

We will revisit this topic, because Twitter keeps revisiting this topic. Prince’s sexuality seems to be up for debate by everyone, except Prince.

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