Dwyane Wade plays the Miami Heat for first time as a Cav. Here’s why we’re salty

We're struggling with this whole We Still Love You, DWade thing.
We're struggling with this whole We Still Love You, DWade thing. AP

For the first time, Dwyane Wade is going to play against the Miami Heat while wearing a stanky Cleveland Cavaliers jersey.

We thought we were going to be OK with it. But we were wrong.

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Dwyane Wade, Kemba Walker
We hate it. We just hate it. Tony Dejak AP

Is this photo giving you chest pains? Of course it is. We never got used to seeing him in a Bulls jersey. We averted our eyes the whole time he played in Chicago.

Somehow, this feels worse than losing LeBron James. Deep down, we knew we only had LeBron on loan for four years, and two championships later, we’re good with that. We’re not even worried about our current beloved Heat team losing to the Cavs. We are in fact confident AF.

But Wade is – or rather was – Miami. And seeing him shoot and score with that funky C on his chest is like running into your ex when he’s out with his new supermodel wife who just won a Nobel Prize for creating delicious zero-calorie macaroni and cheese.

Even Heat coach Erik Spoelstra hates the idea of Wade in a Cavs jersey.

“This is like the twilight zone,” he said. “Every time he’s in a new uniform you’re like, OK, but not that team. It will never seem right. For me, I hate it.”

Spoelstra went on to say some nice stuff about being happy for Wade and his family. That’s cool, Spo. We said the same kind of stuff back when Wade said he wanted to retire with the Heat.

And we stand by that. We think.

But just how much can we humanly stand?

PB&J ..We got a lot of work to do as a team but it felt good to be back on the court with my guy @kingjames &⚡️!!!

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We’re glad Wade is having a blast with his pal LeBron. Look how much they’re laughing! It’s like when you and your friends from work hang out only more sweaty and profitable.

Still, at game time, we know where our loyalties lie. And it’s not with anybody wearing that C.

Boston at Miami
Hope you have more to celebrate, Hassan Whiteside. AL DIAZ TNS

The Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers play at 7 p.m. Nov. 28 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. The teams also play Jan. 31 in Cleveland and March 27 at Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena. Hopefully the Heat will win all of them because 305 till we die, etc.