Dr. Miami throws shade at Kim Kardashian’s butt in the most hilarious way ever

If you ever had any concerns over the authenticity of Kim Kardashian’s rear end, you can kindly put them to rest now.

Why? Because Michael Salzhauer, better known as Dr. Miami, also known as the shadiest surgeon to sculpt a perfect South Beach ass, is doing what he does best: Calling out all the botched butt jobs.

In a tweet posted Thursday, Dr. Miami employed a trending meme that is fondly being called “Mocking SpongeBob” to poke fun at Kardashian’s insistence that her behind is all natural.

The genius of the meme is that the caption literally rephrases the subject of contention, using exaggerated capitalization paired with a ridiculous image of SpongeBob SquarePants with his hand placed squarely on his hips.

The meme actually originates from a completely unrelated episode in which it is revealed that Mr. SquarePants transforms into a chicken-like trance at the sight of plaid.

Here are some of the most widely shared takes on this new meme… because you can never count on the McDonald’s ice cream machine.

… and because you’re not crazy enough to get slapped into tomorrow.

… or, like, you’re tired of Netflix making slick comments about your lack of a life.

In Dr. Miami’s case, he is clearly tired of Kardashian’s lies (lies she has kept up since 2011, when she got an x-ray to “prove” she didn’t get silicone injections). And we don’t blame him, either. Anyone who knows anything about real live asses, knows there’s no way Kardashian’s little chicken thighs could hold up the terrible mass that she calls a butt. It defies nature and is a blatant abomination of the thigh-to-butt ratio, as one person noted on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Dr. Miami is unlikely to bless Kardashian’s botched derrière. Back in March, he said in an equally shady tweet about Nicki Minaj’s troubled ass shots that he is booked until 2019.