People are freaking out over a possible ‘Broad City’ scene at Publix


There’s really no telling how the 20-something duo of “Broad City,” played by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, would end up in the Southeast, but it could happen. What we do know is that it would have something to do with the region’s favorite grocery chain.

The Comedy Central series really wants to shoot a scene in Publix, as evidenced by a Tweet from Thursday.

Could it be the Publix subs? Or the beautiful brown boxes of fried chicken? Maybe their inspiration will be the complimentary sugar cookies?

Whatever it is, “Broad City” has Twitter fans in a frenzy, with some people guessing that the show will hit the road to Florida.

Others just couldn’t contain their excitement, even though the Publix-themed episode is not confirmed.

“Broad City,” which began as a web series before its cable debut, chronicles the lives of two broke buddies who live in New York City and can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Currently in its fourth season, the show has been deemed both “hysterical and disturbing” by IMBd.

The official Publix Twitter account responded to the original Tweet, referring “Broad City” to some lame corporate request page.

However,  it appears that the show’s efforts were thwarted during the process. “Broad City” replied saying “We tried ?can u help? the people need u!!”

The conversation ended there, but our fingers are crossed for a Miami shoot. Nothing says comedy like Ocean Drive on South Beach.