Stop trying to pretend like you don’t live in Kendall. Just own it.

Tell us where you live and we'll tell if you whether or not it's Kendall. JK. You live in Kendall.
Tell us where you live and we'll tell if you whether or not it's Kendall. JK. You live in Kendall.

We have already explained to you how magical Kendall is (let’s review right here). Yes, we recognize that it is not an actual municipality or city or village or even a neighborhood. Kendall is only a U.S. census-designated area, which basically means it is A Place That Exists In America.

For the few who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Kendall, it encompasses the area south of the Snapper Creek canal from U.S. 1 to the Turnpike ending just north of Richmond Heights. This is what you could call Kendall Proper.

But Kendall is so much more.

There is also a West Kendall, which is a A Place That Exists West of Kendall. It is basically anything west of the turnpike, east of the Everglades, north of Homestead and south of, say, Eighth Street. West Kendall is everywhere and nowhere all at once. One commissioner tried to make West Kendall a thing by changing its name to West End. Nice try but no.

Some people prefer to act like they live in a Place That Exists Somewhere Outside of Kendall, but I am here to tell you the truth.

You live in Kendall.

“But I live in Dadeland”

Dadeland is a mall. A mall located in Kendall.

“But I live behind Baptist”

Baptist Hospital is a lovely hospital. That serves the Kendall community. You live in Kendall.

“My house is in West Pinecrest”

Shut up. You live in Kendall.

“But I live in The Crossings”

Crossing from Kendall to West Kendall.

“I live in the Falls”

Stop naming your neighborhood after the closest mall. You live in Kendall Proper. Be proud.

“I live in Country Walk”

Sure, that is WEST Kendall.

“I live in Kendale Lakes”

You’re pronouncing it wrong. It’s Kendall. [KEHN-dul]

“But my townhouse is in the Hammocks”

Which is a lovely community in West Kendall.

“What about Horse Country?”

Can’t Kendall have mansions? Don’t be a snob.

“But I live in Westchester”

That is not Kendall.