Here are all the people you need to know so you can live your best life in Miami

You don't have to own this house to use the pool. You just need to have the right friends.
You don't have to own this house to use the pool. You just need to have the right friends.

On the surface, life in Miami seems super glamorous. But most of us are mere mortals who are paying too much on rent and haven’t gotten a raise in…ever.

In order to live your best life in this town, you have to know the right people. No, we don’t mean a mob boss or someone at the mayor’s office. We mean the folks that can solve all of the problems that we face in Miami.

These are the people who will enhance your Miami lifestyle because you are never getting a raise.

Someone with a pool

dramatic pool
This is the face of a person who doesn't have to fish dead lizards from the bottom of the pool.

Though we all know that no one in Miami touches a pool between November and May, you need to have a friend with a pool for the dog days of summer.

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Someone with a boat

South Florida Boat Show
How much money is our friend going to spend on gas so we can get drunk on a sandbar?

In case you didn’t know, owning a boat is about as smart as setting your money on fire. Being a guest on a boat, however, is amazing.

Someone who is always renovating their house

Handyman with tools
This guy knows all handymen. goir Getty Images/iStockphoto

Their house always looks like the big reveal on some HGTV show and you are jealous. But this is who you call whenever your toilets back up or your AC breaks down.

A bartender at a bar you would want to drink in

mac club deuce
You have to ask yourself, Could I drink here every night of the week?

It’s no good if they work in some dive you never visit.

Somebody at the permitting office

The county thinks this is a 3/2. It's actually a six-bedroom, eight bath with a pool and a tiki hut.

Just kidding! Go ahead and build that illegal efficiency. No one will care! Until you try to sell your house.

Someone with a beach apartment

Yes, bonus points are given if your friend has a place on Fisher Island. MARICE COHN BAND MIAMI HERALD STAFF

We love to say “we live where you vacation.” It’s a lie. Most of us live in some suburb that is a half hour drive from the beach. But thanks to this friend, we can vacation where we live.

Someone with a house in the Keys

You want to find someone a house that has several rooms. So you can spread out.

No need to book that room at the Cheeca Lodge.

Someone with a truck

How this did not become a Truck You Don't Want to Get Behind on the Palmetto and remained merely a Truck You Don't Want to Get Behind on I 95 is a complete mystery to me. #traffic #Miami #trucks

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Because we are too cheap to pay for furniture delivery from El Dorado.