16 things all Miami natives have in their homes (probably)

There are so many things that set people from Miami apart. An addiction to cafecito. Their utter (and some would say inexplicable) delight during mango season. The ability to hurl expletives at other drivers in two – and often three – languages. Their unswerving and delusional belief that someday the Dolphins are going to be contenders again.

But that’s not all. Everybody who grew up here shares something else: they own these uniquely Miami treasures. In Kendall and Miami Shores, in Westchester and Hialeah and Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, these mementos exist.

They’re too precious to throw away – even if they are hidden away in a closet.

Admit it. You have many of them:

A old photo of yourself with parrots on your shoulders

Raul Rubiera Miami herald

Probably from the original Parrot Jungle, RIP.

A molded plastic figure from a local attraction


Or, if you’re older and your parents were cheap, from Florida Turnpike rest stops.

A full set of Flanigan’s cups

Admit it: you have actually given your baby a bath with a Flanigan’s cup.

You have service for six.

An old mixtape you recorded off Power 96’s Power Hour

Azure-Dragon Getty Images/iStockphoto

That music was the best, bro.

A Cuban mop


We don’t have to remind you of why it’s so wonderful, do we?

Dan Marino bric a brac


You still get really mad when people remind you he never won a Super Bowl.

A backup cafetera and a backup to the backup

The 50-cup cafetera eclipses the tiny 1-cup moka pot. Carlos Frías

Because emergencies happen.

Some memento of Key West’s Southernmost Point


It could be a photo or a Christmas ornament or a painting by an as-yet-undiscovered genius.

An old Burdines credit card


Macy’s, we will never accept you.

A really embarrassing album full of your Quinceñera memorabilia


Because a teenager in a wine glass spells elegance.

Miami Herald front page from the day Hurricane Andrew hit


Because who doesn’t want to commemorate something we’d rather forget?

An unthrown rat from the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals


Because – sob! – the Florida Panthers never managed to score a goal in that final game.

A Rony Seikaly jersey

Rony Seikaly Action Portrait
Andy Hayt NBAE/Getty Images

You knew he had a career before becoming a DJ.

A toy Marlins cap from which you ate ice cream from during the World Series


And it’s not any of those fancy new colors, either.

A shirt airbrushed at the youth fair

0503182152 (1)
We fully believe Pitbull got this guayabera painted at the youth fair. manny hernandez for the Herald

We are almost positive Pitbull had this guayabera made at the youth fair.

A seat from the Orange Bowl

xseats00 Orangebowl SPTS AD
We know y’all took these missing seats and tried to sell them on eBay. Al Diaz / Miami Herald Al Diaz / Miami Herald

We know you tried to sell them on eBay.