13 perfectly good products that Romero Britto ruined with his art

Romero Britto wants out of Miami Beach. The famous artist recently filed a complaint against his landlords over the lease for his Lincoln Road gallery, according to the Miami Herald. He says that nuisances – street performers, cops arresting people – outside his business have resulted in fewer customers.

We don’t know about that. Like most locals we don’t hang out much on Lincoln Road. But we have a few complaints of our own.

Namely the Britto-ization of America.

We know some of you love his colorful “art.” But there are some things that should not be Brittoized. Here are a few of them.

These shoes

pliner britto

What’s worse, the Brittoization or the kitten heels? You decide.

Also these shoes


Just all around bad, Donald J. Pliner.

These flip flops


Actually, these we will let slide because your whole foot is covering the design.

This shirt


Violence is wrong, but I kinda want to punch you if you’re wearing this.

This cologne


Smells like inexplicable success and broken leases.

These bags


I hope the airline loses your luggage.

This car


Do you really think you can make a Mini Cooper cuter?

This Corvette


You’re a monster, Romero Britto.

Oh my God, stop ruining cars


Our eyes are bleeding.

This yacht

Boat Show 2010

We’d sink it and make it an artificial reef, but it would scare the fish.

This collectible


What in the name of all that is holy have you done to Bambi and Thumper?!

This random thing that holds a wine bottle


This fanny pack