It’s going to rain all Memorial Day weekend. That makes us super happy.

By now you’ve read the gloomy weather reports assuring us of a soggy three-day weekend. Everyone is moping around at the news and its sobering reminder that hurricane season starts in a week.

But we’re secretly glad that it’s going to rain all weekend.

We know we should want to head out into the sun like everybody else. But it’s just so much WORK. Here’s why we’re hoping all these forecasts come true.

We don’t really want to have all those people over for a cookout

Seriously, that means we have to clean the house and the pool and then clean them again after everybody leaves.

We secretly want to binge watch Netflix

Look, we really need to catch up on “13 Reasons Why” because season 2 just came out. Don’t judge us.

Amazon Prime now delivers beer and wine

We don’t even have to get up off the couch. All we have to do is order.

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We’ve already been to the beach once this year

Isn’t that enough?

One word: Traffic

Think of driving anywhere near Miami Beach and try not to burst into tears.

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We are not bikini ready

Maybe by the Fourth of July?