These old photos of the Estefans remind us why they’re Miami royalty

There is nothing we don't like about this photo of the Queen and King of the Miami Prom.
There is nothing we don't like about this photo of the Queen and King of the Miami Prom.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan are Miami royalty now. But once, they were just a couple of kids who had a crazy dream: To turn the beat around and make everybody do the conga.

Not just everybody in Miami. Everybody. Everywhere.

That worked out pretty well. Hit songs and sold-out concerts led to fame, awards, applause, restaurants, a hit Broadway musical and a Kennedy Center Award for Gloria.

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We applaud all those things. But there’s something about photos from the old days in Miami that we just can’t get enough of.

Here’s why:

Giant bowties are amazing

Good times! This Miami Sound Machine flyer features Gloria and Emilio Estefan. handout

Good times! This flyer features the Miami Sound Machine. We are pretty sure they were playing quinces and bar mitzvahs at this point.

Headbands are also amazing

Miami Sound Machine in the late 1970s:: Raul Marciano, Marcos Avila (Cristina Saralegui's husband), Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Mercy, Gustavo Lezcart and Kiki Garcia estefan enterprises, inc.

The Miami Sound Machine in the late 1970s: Raul Marciano, Marcos Avila, Emmilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan, Mercy, Gustavo Lezcart and Kiki Garcia make good fashion choices.

Barrettes and shades

blush00 gloria TROP b?s
Brian Smith

Yes, that’s Gloria working on her makeup beside Emilio on a bus to a Miami Sound Machine show in Cuernavaca, Mexico, in May 1987.

Wait, is that a mullet?

estefan enterprises, inc.

Don’t judge us, kids. In the ’80s, the best of us had mullets.

Bang the drum all day

Emilio Estefan on the drums, circa 1985. estefan enterprises, inc.

If you want to do the conga, you’ve got to listen to the beat. The single “Conga” was released in 1985. We bet Emilio is playing it right here.

Miami famous

Gloria and Emilio Estefan, circa 1985, posing with SW 10th Terrace sign, after the street had be re-named: Miami Sound Machine Blvd. estefan enterprises, inc.

In 1985, the Estefans got some hometown love when Southwest 10th Terrace was renamed Miami Sound Machine Blvd.

Into the ’90s


Best Miami prom picture ever.

Wait, where did those curls come from?

Photo Hector GAbino - Gloria Estefan kisses Emilio Estefan during the ceremony Thursday night at Calle Ocho. He got a star at the street at 17 Av. The star was giving by "Estrellas de la Calle Ocho" They were around 2,000 fans, friends and important politicians and celebrities of the music industry. Hector Gabino` El Nuevo Herald

Emilio gets his star (and a smooch from Gloria) on Calle Ocho in 1997.

Entering a new millennium

Photo Hector GAbino - Gloria Estefan ,Emilio Estefan and their daughter Emily celebrating New Year at the Millenium Concert at the New Arena. Miami

Gloria, Emilio and daughter Emily ring in the new millennium in Miami. Now Emily is a singer-songwriter herself.



We’re not entirely sure what’s happening here. But we approve.

Even now, they’re just so cute


At the Chicago premiere of the musical “On Your Feet!” in 2015, which later went to Broadway and finally – YES! – to Miami in 2017.