Just about everybody at the Dolphin Mall has a suitcase. We asked why.

You’ve noticed the phenomenon, haven’t you? Every time you enter the Dolphin Mall, you see them everywhere: The Suitcase People.

Where do they come from, these exotic, luggage-toting folk? They come in pairs. In groups. What is their aim? What are they stuffing in all those suitcases? Is something nefarious afoot?

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We’ve been wondering, so we did what any intrepid journalist would do. We asked.

What we found was that people have all kinds of reasons for carrying their luggage around the mall: they were en route to the airport, killing time before hotel check-in or even just buying luggage for later use. Many people used the luggage to store purchases during huge shopping sprees. Others had no room. Most people arrived from another country.

The most compelling information we gathered was that Dolphin Mall specifically is considered a tourist destination. It’s proximity to the airport makes it an attractive stop for international visitors — whether they just touched down in South Florida or are on their way home.

And, yes, they recognize having luggage in a shopping mall is abnormal. Most shoppers admitted they would never bring suitcases to a mall, but of course, Miami’s the exception.