Five lessons everyone should learn from a Miami Drag Queen

Noel Leon shows us her signature move. We are not worthy.
Noel Leon shows us her signature move. We are not worthy.

Miami Drag Diva Noel Leon talks about how to win at life. Video by Matias Ocner and Chloe Herring
Drag queens have a lot to teach the world. But no one has more wisdom than a Miami drag queen. Why, you ask? Who knows. It’s just so.

Miami Beach’s iconic Palace is a great place to find some of that queenly wisdom, so we asked super diva Noel Leon for her best life tips.

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The Palace, known for its fab Drag Brunch, celebrates its 30-year anniversary this month with a weekend full of fun events.

Here are five things Noel Leon taught us about life:

1. Big hair is a must

Your hair is your crowing glory, says Noel Leon. She spends hours teasing hers up for all the boys. And girls. And anyone else who shows up at The Palace.

Look at all that hair. There's never enough.

2. Always turn heads.

When you walk into the club, all eyes should be on you!

3. There’s no such thing as too much makeup

Not if you are a drag queen.

Too much make up? No such thing, says Noel Leon.

4. Know how to throw shade

Noel knows she is better than you. That is all.

5. Always have a signature move

Her move will always be better, but you can do a bend and snap.


The Palace 30th Anniversary Celebration

Friday, Feb. 16

The Pearl Ball the thirtieth Anniversary Celebration of Palace

Saturday, Feb. 17

Disco Brunch and Drags Gone Wild

Sunday, Feb. 18

Brunchic: Divas Edition and The Pearl Tea Dance

1052 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach