Here are all the times Navarro Discount Pharmacy fixed your life

You can find these in Target, but look at the variety!
You can find these in Target, but look at the variety!

Have you ever been to Navarro?

Well, it is probably the most Miami place ever. Yes, it’s a pharmacy, but it’s so much more. The store, which originated in Cuba in 1940 and opened in Miami in 1961, was bought by CVS in 2014, but it still knows exactly who it is dealing with and just what its people are looking for.

Here are the times Navarro comes through for you:

When you need to pray

You can buy a prayer card, but everyone at the pharmacy knows what Valtrax is for.

Navarro has an ENTIRE aisle dedicated to getting you right with whichever saint will fix your life. Sure, Target has prayer candles, but the selection at Navarro of prayer paraphernalia is second only to your local Botanica.

When you are about to travel

Does Walgreens sell suitcases? No, because Walgreens doesn't understand you.

While you are waiting to fill your prescription for Dramamine before your family goes on that reunion cruise for your niece’s quinces, you can grab a super cheap carry-on in which you can try and hide a few bottles of liquor.

When you need to smell like the rainbow

Colonia, so you don't smell like dryer sheets.

This is colonia. It is Latin Jean Nate. Navarro has the best selection in Miami of afterbath splash in Miami, hands down. 

When you are too lazy to go to Publix

CVS does not offer this much rice. Why does Navarro sell so much rice?

Navarro knows how people in Miami feel about their rice. If your loyalty is with Canillas, you are not going to mess with Mahatma. The solution: Navarro carries every brand of rice anyone in Miami could ever ask for so that they don’t get yelled at by angry abuelas. Also, right across this aisle are shelves fully stocked with Vienna sausages. Navarro wants you to make arroz con salchicha for dinner.

When your pressure cooker explodes

You thought you were going to inherit your abuela's olla de presion? She's never giving it to you.

You are waiting for your kid’s antibiotics, and you pass this display starring 25 different pressure cookers and realize why you stopped making your great grandma’s famous black bean recipe. Your pressure cooker is busted. 

When you need functional footwear

Walgreens sells flip flips. Navarro has an entire shoe store.

See, Navarro knows who it is.

When you need to make your house sparkle

Take your Cuban Stick Mop experience to the NEXT LEVEL.

You probably know how we feel about the Cuban Stick Mop by now. Look at what Navarro has to accessorize. Mind blown.

When your coffeemaker breaks

These coffeemakers are super clutch.

People in the know in Miami always have a stove-top coffeemaker in the back of the cabinet in case the fancy pants espresso machine breaks. Where do we get them? You guessed it: Navarro.