Should you go to Brickell City Centre or Mary Brickell Village? Here’s how to tell

Which shopping mecca suits you best? The one with the high end design or the ongoing construction?
Which shopping mecca suits you best? The one with the high end design or the ongoing construction?

So you want to go shopping in Brickell. Why, we can’t imagine. Maybe you live there. Or maybe you’re visiting someone. Or maybe you are just eager to experience that exotic Brickell vibe, a heady mix of high rent and construction dust.

In any case, off you go. But where should you go? There’s the shiny new (OK, newish) Brickell City Centre, with its high-end shops and food halls. But there’s also the old-school Mary Brickell Village, awash in that late ’90s/early 2000s aura of CocoWalkSunset Place and failure.

Still, your nostalgic side may long for the days when people fought for a parking space to get the tableside guac at Rosa Mexicano. Or you have fond memories of watching World Cup matches at fado (which recently and abruptly closed). So let us help you decide.

If you fall into any of the following categories, we can tell you which marvelous downtown shopping and dining experience should be yours.

You love Italian food


Two Italian food halls, Casa Tua Cuchina and La Centrale, exist in the artistically cooled confines of Brickell City Centre. Both have a distinct lack of construction dust.

You love “Pardon our dust” signs


There’s only one destination for you, and that’s Mary Brickell Village.

You are concerned about your fitness level and not at all cheap


The LA Fitness Signature Club is located at Mary Brickell Village. This club is so special most LA Fitness memberships are too lame to include entry to it. Really, we can see why.

You are concerned about your fitness level but super cheap

Bonus! This is the street right outside the garage entrance.

The elevators at the Mary Brickell Village parking garage have not been working for a few months. Park on the seventh floor, walk down and up, and get a good workout. If you’re lazy there’s a shuttle service that drops you off at the mouth of the garage where you enjoy this soothing streetscape.

Wine is your spirit animal


Enoteca, the third floor of La Centrale at Brickell City Centre, has a wine vault. A WINE VAULT. Enough said.

You want to go to the movies


The luxury CMX movie theater with dine-in and reclining seat options at BCC is calling your name.

When someone calls you a “Brickellista” you think it’s a compliment

Brickell City Centre

Clearly, you are super fancy if not great at picking up on social cues, and you belong at the shopping center with designer ceilings (aka BCC). You have also probably bragged about not owning a car, and we hate you for it.

You’re part of a really loud bachelorette party

Blue Martini is prime real estate for bachelorette parties.

There is only one possible place for a group of ladies wearing crowns made of plastic penises: Blue Martini at Mary Brickell Village.

Your main goal is to have an authentic Brickell experience.