Stop saying mean things about Doral. It’s not entirely terrible

Stop hating on Doral. It’s the city of the future, apparently.
Stop hating on Doral. It’s the city of the future, apparently. Miami Herald Staff

Miami loves to hate Doral.

Don’t argue. It’s a fact. We make jokes about Hialeah and Kendall, but deep down we have affection for them despite the jokes. Plus some of our moms still live there.

But Doral? Well. Nobody loves Doral. People make jokes about the smell, the trucks, the price of real estate. It’s about as popular as speeding tickets, waiting in line, paper cuts, scabies, mosquitoes, trying to fold fitted sheets, anthrax, botulism and traffic (which you know a little something about if you’ve ever been near Doral).

But this city has TONS of things that make it desirable, and we are going to prove it to you.

Money named Doral one of the best 50 places to live in the country last year, and it caused a tremendous backlash. So we embarked on a lengthy investigation to discover Doral’s most redeeming qualities. Here they are:

The restaurants are mostly chains – but they’re good chains


OK, so you’re not going to find a ton of cutting-edge culinary miracles out this way at the moment. But at least some of the chain restaurants are decent. Sure, there’s an Applebee’s. But there’s also Chuy’s, Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza, Shorty’s BBQ, Dragonfly, Bulla Gastro Bar and Novecento. Plus Cooper’s Hawk has wine tastings.

Wynwood Yard is coming

wynwood yard

That’s right. The popular culinary incubator left the hipster heaven of Wynwood – its home was bought by a developer, naturally – and will become The Doral Yard.

Lots of craft breweries

Miami Herald file

Doral is awash in craft beer. You’ve got Biscayne Bay Brewing Company and MIA Beer Company, plus newcomer Tripping Animals. And The Tank isn’t technically in the city, but it’s Doral adjacent. Beer almost always makes things better, until it doesn’t.

The movie theater is amazing

cinebistro fireworks

You’ll pay more for the privilege of seeing a movie there, but CineBistro at CityPlace doesn’t allow anyone under 21 in except at special family events. No poorly behaved kids running around at R rated movies? SIGN US UP. (Note: Annoying Baby Boomers are still allowed.) Also the seats recline and there are happy hour specials. Just leave three hours to get here from any other part of Miami.

So many gas station restaurants to choose from!

Latin Sandwich Xpress even has a drive thru window.

Who doesn’t like a gas station where you can also buy lunch? Doral has Latin Sandwich Express, the Tropic Grill and El Arepazo Doral. Fill up the tank and grab a sandwich to go. Bring back a colada for your office mates and become the stuff of legend.

Golfing opportunities

Architectural Photography by Michael Baxter, Baxter Imaging LLC
Architectural Photography by Michael Baxter, Baxter Imaging LLC Michael Baxter

We are not golfers, but we understand some of you enjoy participating in this sport which, frankly, would make us totally lose our minds. So, if you like to golf, there’s the Trump National Doral Golf Club, home of the Blue Monster and “the pinnacle of golf and extraordinary lifestyle.” Their words, not ours. Or you can try the affordable public course Costa Del Sol.

Not that serious about golf? Go to the high-tech Topgolf Doral, drink some beer and hit some balls.

There’s a Pollo Tropical on practically every corner


You never want to be too far away from a TropiChop.

Easy highway access

836 interchange
Just another day on 836.

Doral is surrounded on three sides by Florida’s Turnpike (aka the Lesser of Three Evils); State Road 836 (aka the Zone of Unending Construction) and State Road 826 (aka The Palmetto, aka Pit of Perpetual Torture) So many highways and so much access to all the city has to offer! Until you actually get into your car and try to move, that is.

Cows. For now


We don’t know how long the cows will remain in Doral, but at the moment they offer moments of restful pastoral relief when you’re desperately counting the moments until you are freed from Doral once again.