7 ways to watch the Dolphins NFL Draft, as suggested by Twitter

There are plenty of great places around South Florida to watch the NFL Draft, beginning with the Miami Dolphins’ official draft party.

It’ll be held Thursday, April 28, at Nova Southeastern’s Don Taft University Center Arena. Register for free tickets here at

But considering the team’s spotty history in the draft, many Dolfans are in no mood to celebrate. We asked them, via Twitter, where the best place to tune in would be. Here are a few of their hilarious responses:

1. Lance Uppercut (@jeffg615):

alone in the dark contemplating how the Dolphins will screw it up

2. Eric Michael Weiss (‏@EricHoudini12):

On a tv in the back of the sports bar ignoring it while this #BasketballTown watches NBA playoffs.

3. Redsox1 (‏@daviddann71):

my moms basement bro

4. Thomas (‏@nashmax73):

…the fetal position…

5. Ricky Bartle (‏@RickybIV):

the toilet so you don’t ruin your pants after the fins pick

6. Patrick Lindsey (‏@sundevilpat):

Cut your TV cord and cry.

7. Robert Muir (‏@Robbo4781):

Dig a hole. Bury your head in the sand. Come out when it’s over. You’re not gonna want to watch