Which David Beckham could convince you to build a MLS stadium on public land?

Which one would it take to convince Miami to fork over its golf course? Probably the guy in the middle.
Which one would it take to convince Miami to fork over its golf course? Probably the guy in the middle.

David Beckham has done it all. He has played soccer at the highest level, become a cultural icon and launched charitable projects across the world.

There’s just one thing he hasn’t done: build an MLS stadium on public Miami land.

Voters will get a chance on the November ballot to decide if the city should negotiate a no-bid lease with Beckham’s ownership group to build a $1 billion commercial and soccer stadium complex on the city’s only municipal golf course, Melreese Country Club.

Not everyone is on board with this plan, of course. Some are worried about traffic, others about the possible demise of the youth golf program First Tee. But what about you? Can any of these Beckhams persuade you that Melreese Golf Course has got to go?

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Young David Beckham

So young. So innocent. ALEX TROVATI AP

I am just a kid and have not yet reached my full potential as an attractive man and soccer superstar. You know what else hasn’t reached its full potential? The public land that currently houses the Melreese Golf Course. Anybody down for a soccer stadium?

Kid-friendly David Beckham

1, 2, 3! Give me some government owned land! DESMOND BOYLAN REUTERS

Hands in the middle, guys! On three, let’s all say, “Mr. Beckham, please lead a business group that will one day take over Melreese Golf Course, putting into question the future of First Tee Miami, a well-regarded program that operates there!” What? You didn’t catch all that? Let’s try again.

Real-Madrid David Beckham


The first stage of my career is over, and the MLS to Miami plan is just a twinkle in my eye. You know what else twinkles? My 2001 Fifa World Player of the Year runner-up trophy. Also, my eyes under the lights of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Golly, do I love stadiums. Maybe I’ll even put my glimmering trophy in one. How about on the site of a public golf course?

Shirtless LA Galaxy Beckham

David Beckham
Jeremy Piper AP

I tossed off my shirt in the same way District 2 Commissioner Ken Russell tossed away his skepticism for my stadium plan. Thanks for the swing vote! Commissioners Willy Gort and Manolo Reyes, I hope to gain your support the same way I gained the support of millions of American soccer fans. Go Galaxy!

Family Man David Beckham

27th Anniversary Sports Spectacular Benefiting Cedars-Sinai Medical Genetics Institute – Red Carpet
Alberto E. Rodriguez Getty Images for Sports Spectacu

Look at this really old photo of my gorgeous wife and three of my four kids, who are  gorgeous as well. They’re almost as gorgeous as the MLS stadium plan put forth by my good friend and business partner Jorge Mas. My family hates golf almost as much as they love the idea of a soccer stadium, 1,000,000 square feet of office, retail and commercial space, 750 hotel rooms and the forfeiture of public land!

Calvin Klein David Beckham

Hey, we are sold.

I was going to wear this to the Miami Commission Meeting, but Mr. Mas insisted that I leave my scrumptious obliques to the imagination of the crowd. That way, they could also imagine converting Melreese Country Club into a stadium that houses a currently non-existent team.

Businessman David Beckham

106Beckhamvote13 NEW PPP
Look at me all business guy-ish Pedro Portal

Look at my chiseled jaw as I ponder the master plan constructed by MasTec co-founder and chairman Jorge Mas. If we could only combine our powers, I think we could create the greatest soccer stadium in the country. What’s that you say? We did combine our powers? Wow. What star power. Such natural beauty and negotiating clout. Cede your golf course to me, for I am David Beckham!