This study says Florida drivers aren’t the worst in the U.S. This can’t be true, can it?

You see this every time you get on I-95 in Miami. Miami is in Florida. How are we not the worst drivers?
You see this every time you get on I-95 in Miami. Miami is in Florida. How are we not the worst drivers?

Does anyone doubt that Florida has the worst drivers on the planet?

Yes. As hard as that is to believe. believes that Florida drivers are only the eighth worst drivers in the country. Its latest assessment of terrible drivers in the U.S.  drops our proud state from first place to eighth. Behind Tennessee and Alabama. Behind Mississippi.

Yes. You heard that right. The eighth-worst drivers in the country live where this just happened:

You know traffic is getting worse in #miami when you start seeing this | #onlyindade

Posted by ONLY in DADE on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Also, where this sort of thing has been happening all summer:


Perhaps SmartAsset hasn’t seen these videos.

The website examined four areas to determine its rankings. They included “percentage of drivers with insurance, the number of DUIs per driver, average number of deaths per miles driven and how often residents google terms like traffic ticket or speeding ticket.”

It did not take into consideration how many people drive the wrong way on major highways or cling to the hoods of cars in the express lanes.

The analysis didn’t even take car twerking into account, so really, how accurate can it be? We’ve been here during spring break.

Here are the states that SmartAsset identified as having worse drivers than Florida:



California and Missouri (tie)

New Mexico



On the bright side, we’re still no. 1 in one category, SmartAsset reports, Florida has the lowest number of insured drivers (73 percent). If you’ve ever been in a fender bender, you know this.

But while there’s simply no disputing that Miami drivers are the worst drivers on the planet, maybe our neighbors to the north counteract our awfulness. Perhaps the good folk of Jacksonville and Orlando and Tampa and Pensacola are all about safety and responsibility. Maybe they would never drive off with a guy on the hood. Maybe they all buy insurance.

Or maybe they don’t. Either way, we won’t be surprised to find ourselves back at no. 1 next year.