These iconic Miami places don’t exist anymore. But we wish they did.

We all still miss Burdines.
We all still miss Burdines. Noelle Theard

Things are always changing in Miami. Sometimes this is a good thing, like when Wynwood turned into a trendy destination spot or the Perez Art Museum opened or the Museum of Ice Cream left town and we could finally stop acting like we cared about it.

But every now and then, we are overcome with nostalgia and really miss what used to be here.

Here are a few of the Miami places  we miss. And please note you will not find CocoWalk on this list.

The Orange Bowl

The Orange Bowl stadium is pictured 31 J

Sure, it was old and rundown and the bathrooms were something out of a horror movie. A really scary horror movie. But it was loud, it was rowdy and you were practically on the field with the Dolphins and the Canes.

You know you’re from Miami if the following demolition photo hurts your heart:

Orange Bowl.JPG

The Serpentarium

Joe Rimkus Jr. Miami Herald

One benefit of being old is that you kind of remember going to this snakefest as a kid and getting closer to snakes than your mom ever would have allowed. Outside the entrance was a 35-foot cobra made out of concrete and stucco. It was amazing. Sadly the attraction shut down in 1984, and later generations could not experience the danger, I mean fun.


Noelle Theard Noelle Theard

Why did we love it? Because it was The Florida Store.

The old Parrot Jungle

Parrot Jungle
Walter Michot Miami Herald

Now it’s called Jungle Island on Watson Island and is all fancy. But we remember when all you had to do to pet a parrot was turn off the highway.


Nuri Vallbona staff

Ah, those days when you actually had to leave your house to find your favorite music! The flagship store on U.S. 1 was iconic, but the megastore in Coconut Grove always had all our favorite, often terrible, music.

Virgin Megastore

8/27/04, To Locales " MTV's Awards " photo by Pedro Portal/...... Rapper Pit Bull, performed at Virgin Megastore located at Sunset Place shopping center in South Miami as part of the MTV's awards events today....... Pedro Portal EL Nuevo

Remember when Pitbull appeared there before he was Pitbull? Good times.

Allen’s Drugs


Nobody ever went into Allen’s Drugs in Coral Gables, owned by Al Collazo, but we all remember that sign.

The carousel at the Omni

Omni International – Miami
. Rick McCawley Miami Herald

Believe us when we tell you this was the best thing about that mall.


Battle Vaughan/ Herald Staff

In the olden times, hamburgers didn’t have to be bigger than your head to be worth eating. Also hot dogs could be steamed in beer, and people would freely feed them to their children. Those were the days.

Bobby Maduro Stadium

Miami Stadium Through 86
Albert Coya Miami Herald

OK, so we don’t really miss Miami Stadium (later renamed Bobby Maduro Stadium and torn down in 2001). Not like we miss the OB. But it does remind us there was a time when people in Miami actually went to baseball games.