5 reasons FIU is still a winner even when they lose to UM

Look at these party monsters. They have been drinking since the last time these two teams played.
Look at these party monsters. They have been drinking since the last time these two teams played.

It took me five years to graduate from FIU, so you can say I’m kind of an expert of all feelings that go on at the college on Calle Ocho.

I received a notice from FIU a month and a half after my graduation ceremony telling me that my application to graduate was denied. All because of a lazy clerical error on FIU’s part.

The Canes never did that to me. Ask me who I’m rooting for this Saturday.

Nevertheless, this will be an important game for FIU – a chance to prove themselves against Big Brother down in Coral Gables.

Will the tailgate be more lit than UM vs. FSU? Only time will tell.

But whatever the final score is, FIU students and fans will come out as winners. Here’s why:

1. You can wear both shirts and totally get away with it

See these guys? They brought these shirts and Turnover chains in a dufflebag. AL DIAZ

There are four quarters in a football game. Four different opportunities for you to switch your shirt from FIU to UM once lead is too large for you to ignore.

2. FIU students don’t have debt

These guys are going to be paying student loans for the next 15 years. Al Diaz

Many FIU students and grads, myself included, allege that they did not attend UM because they couldn’t afford it. FIU was either free or way cheaper. No debt for you means more money for booze and UM gear.

3.  Low stakes

Look at this kid. You think he cares if FIU loses? He's living his best life. Daniel A. Varela Daniel A. Varela

Do you realize how much pena UM would have if they lost to FIU? Do you know how un-swag that would be for the Canes?

If FIU loses, it’s expected. You’ll be saluted as a “true fan,” whatever that means, and people will respect you for rooting for the Calle Ocho team.

4. FIU students have twice the tailgate

Look at these party monsters. They have been drinking since the last time these two teams played. AL DIAZ

There was a time when FIU was legendary for crazy tailgates. If you made it to an actual football game you didn’t do it right. This builds character. Back in the day, FIU used to have tailgates out in Tamiami, and some frats would even bring DJs and set up stages. Hard Rock Stadium doesn’t know how to play like that.

5. FI-Who? Exactly

Look at how hard these fans have to work to keep their team motivated. AL DIAZ

No one knows who you are. No one asks after every game if your swagger is back. You enjoy every win and get surprised and are genuinely pleased you won. You’re not tortured by immediately thinking of the next game or the standings while having Paul Finebaum and ESPN breathing down your neck hoping you lose the next one.

Regardless of who wins this weekend, just know the Miami Hurricanes are the better team.

Veronika Quispe is a University of Miami fan who graduated from the school in Calle Ocho and works for el Nuevo Herald.