Here’s what FSU should put in the turnover backpack besides the L it’s taking from UM

Whose idea was this turnover backpack anyway?
Whose idea was this turnover backpack anyway?

The University of Miami invented swagger. It’s a scientific fact.

Naturally the U was going to develop a way to show off its swag not only on the field but also on the sidelines. And so the turnover chain was born.

Naturally, schools all over the country had to try and imitate the Hurricanes. As a fan, I’m flattered. I hope Coach Manny Diaz, the guy who came up with this brilliant idea, is flattered, too.

We’ve seen many different versions of the chain. The turnover Plank. Turnover beads. Turnover miner’s helmet. A turnover Ric Flair robe. Even a turnover chainsaw (because nothing can possibly go wrong with that idea).

1188 UM vs Savannah State 090818
Miami Hurricanes defensive back Trajan Bandy shows off the true turnover chain. Al Diaz

But our absolute favorite – and by favorite we mean the easiest to make fun of – is FSU’s turnover backpack. Or as UM player Venzell Boulware referred to it: “the purse”.

The purse will be at Hard Rock Stadium this Saturday as the Canes host the Seminoles. However, FSU won’t have the opportunity to take that purse out, because get real, Noles.

But fret not. Miami is a prime place for souvenirs. So here are some things you can stick inside that tacky turnover purse. And don’t worry about all of this being too much to carry. That L you’re bringing back to Tallanasty will weigh twice as much.

Publix crab legs

Maybe you can stop in Tampa on your way home and drop some off for Jameis Winston.

A Flanigan’s cup


Everybody in Miami has one of these in their house. You can use it to drink away the pain of losing or to catch your tears.

San Lazaro


This will easily fit in the purse. Use it to pray for a win next week.

A transfer application to FIU

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