5 Sexiest Cities in the U.S. according to an Orbitz Valentine’s Day Survey

So Miami finally made it to No. 1 for one of those lists that randomly get released, and it wasn’t for something negative (like traffic or real estate prices or pathetic dining service).

We’re sexy! And we show it!

According to the 2016 Orbitz Valentine’s Day Survey, Miami comes in as the number one sexiest city in the U.S., followed by Las Vegas. How can we disagree – we have the weather and the water, so naturally the pretty people will be here.

As for the sexiest city on the planet, Paris, France topped the list with 63 percent of the votes, followed by Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (site of the sexy Summer Olympics), Tahiti, Santorini, Greece and Ibiza, Spain (we can hear the DJ beats thumping all the way from here).


Here is a look at the complete list for the U.S.


1. Miami

Sexy. Sexy. Sexy. Just people watch on Lincoln Road. Or Mary Brickell Village. Or at Publix. It doesn’t matter. We are sexy and we know it!


2. Las Vegas

The only other place in the U.S. where people party as much as they do in Miami. But have you seen some of the folks standing in line? We don’t think they would ever crack the velvet ropes in Miami (sad, but true).


3. New York City

Listen, we know there is a rivalry between the NYC and the MIA, and even if it gets way too cold up there, NYC is very sexy. Times Square! The city that never sleeps! But third place on this list? If we were NYC, we would demand a recount!


4. Los Angeles

Hollywood. Beverly Hills. Movie stars. Playboy Mansion. This place is pretty sexy, if you ask us. But they just don’t have the attitude and sexy Latin vibe that we do. Everyone in La La Land can feel a bit plastic, ya know?


5. New Orleans

Now this surprised us a bit, but the more we thought about it the more we liked it. It’s gritty and dirty with a touch of voodoo and smoky jazz and blues in the air – and that can be very sexy, indeed.