Blow-by-blow of the Miami doctor-Uber driver brouhaha

UPDATE: April 22 – The Miami doctor whose verbal and physical attacks on an Uber driver in a viral video thrust her into the national spotlight will be terminated by Jackson Health System, a hospital spokeswoman said in a statement Friday, April 22.

Anjali Ramkissoon, 30, who struck and cursed out the Uber driver in a video that was posted in January, was initially placed on administrative leave and “removed from all clinical duties.”

“Jackson Health System is moving forward with the termination of Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon, a resident doctor. She is entitled to an appeal process,” the official statement reads.

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A five-minute video shows Anjali Ramkissoon, 30, berating and hitting an Uber driver outside the Rosa Mexicano in Mary Brickell Village. The driver was there to pick up someone else, but the fourth-year neurology resident at Jackson Health System demanded the car for herself. Here’s the gif-tastic breakdown in case you missed it:

1. Ramkissoon grabs the driver and tells him (mockingly) to press charges. The driver asks the guy filming to call 911.


2. She looks into the camera and says, “oh yeah. Call 911.”

2 Oh Yeah

3. She takes a swing at the driver and — when he grabs her arm — asks, “seriously?” He replies: “Seriously, yeah. Get some help.” 

3 swing

4. Ramkisson: “You don’t know who the f**k you’re messing with.” She tries to free her hands and knee him, but he blocks it and shoves her.

4 groin

5. “Get the f**k in the car, you piece of disgusting f-ing s**t,” she yells. Then she rips off his rearview mirror and throws it at him hollering, “yeah, I’ll do whatever the f**k I want!” 

5 mirror

6. The driver calls 911: “She physically attacked me. She’s getting wild.” And she mocks him: “I’m a five-foot girl that weighs a hundred pounds.”

6 size

7. While the driver is on the phone, the brat throws more things out the window, sarcastically crying out, “I have lost my mind!”

7 throw

8. Among the things she throws: an iPhone and a pair of scissors.

8 scissors

9. Her tantrum exhausted, Ramkissoon gets out of the car. “I guess that’s it!”

9 thats it

10. She walks away and wishes all a goodnight.


11. Since the incident she’s been on Good Morning America to say she’s “ashamed” of her behavior.


“Every time someone brings it up or tries to ask me, ‘What was happening at this point?,’ I just, I can’t,” she told Good Morning America. “In the moment I was just so angry. I wasn’t really thinking and if I could take it back I would,” she said. “There is absolutely no excuse for my actions. I am ashamed. I am so sorry. I’ve hurt so many people with this.”


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“I was extremely stressed out that day,” she said. “It was probably one of the worst days of my life and I was caught at my lowest moment. Nothing like this has ever happened. I made a huge mistake, the biggest mistake of my life, and that person is not me,” said Ramkissoon, who specializes in headache and sleep medicine.


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12. The Uber driver declined to press charges against Ramkissoon…

… for which she says she is “grateful.” Uber has suspended Ramkissoon’s account while the incident is investigated. Ramkissoon has been placed on administrative leave and removed from all clinical duties, by  the Jackson Health System. 


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13. She has vanished from social media

A graduate of North Miami Beach High School, her Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and other social media pages have been taken down or gone silent. (According to, someone even edited a picture of her to make it appear she was topless.) She finished undergrad at Barry University in 2008, studied at St. George University Medical School in Grenada, finishing in 2012. Her Instagram account was flooded by angry commenters, making fun of her physical appearance, threatening to hurt her and calling for her to be fired. Eventually she deleted the page

  Before her Facebook and Instagram pages were taken down, these are just a sampling of images from her good life in the Magic City.


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