Pitbull would be the best Santa Claus ever. Here’s why we know this.

They don't call him "Mr. Worldwide" for nothing.
They don't call him "Mr. Worldwide" for nothing.

Have you ever thought about how much better Pitbull would be at being Santa than Santa is?

We have.

We’re prepared to admit there’s something slightly unfair about this comparison. Santa has been doing a decent job for many years, and it’s unfair to expect him to compete with Miami’s favorite superhero. Especially at his age.

But we really think Mr. Worldwide could rock this job. Here are all the reasons it might be time for Santa to step aside and let Pit take over.

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His suits aren’t red, but they’re nicer


Mr. Worldwide looks sharp. Santa can barely buckle his belt.

He’s more empathetic

Pitbull wasn't always rich. He knows what it's like to struggle. And wear jorts. MARICE COHN BAND MIAMI HERALD STAFF

Santa is judgmental as hell. He gives you coal if you make just one tiny bad decision, like bogarting the pastelitos your co-worker brought to the office yesterday. Pit not only knows when you’ve been good or bad, he also knows when you’re down, out, broke and fighting for your life. And he is there for you anyway because he’s been through the struggle.

Pitbull has so much energy he can deliver toys all over the world and still host a New Year’s Party one week later


Meanwhile, on NYE, Santa is home with his feet up watching Netflix with a mug of slightly spoiled eggnog and a fistful of Advil.

Pitbull is a capitalist

0621 pitbull03
One of Pit's many business ventures, a restaurant in a place called Mississippi.

Santa wants to give every good girl and boy a free ride. No, Karen, you don’t have to pay for that iPhone! He’ll just give it to you. But Pitbull’s family fled the horror of communism in Cuba, so he is super pro-capitalism, which is a more sustainable economic system than subjective, behavior-based handouts.

He pays his subordinates

Pitbull has never had any labor disputes with his back up dancers. Bryan Cereijo

Do those elves even make minimum wage?

“Ho ho ho” would have a whole new meaning

Ho, ho, hotel, motel, Holiday Inn...

Enough said.

He wants to give you everything tonight

Everything? We'll take it. MARIO ANZUONI REUTERS

Santa just gives you that one toy on a list you have to submit ahead of time. We would rather have it all.