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Pitbull’s South Beach restaurant has a new look, new partner - and $80 taco platters

Earlier this year, Pitbull’s iLov305 restaurant opened on Ocean Drive in South Beach with great fanfare and, we gather, a fair number of sexy people, promising a party atmosphere and a Miami tropical-cuisine-meets-Latin Steakhouse vibe.

Now, the restaurant is no more.

This is not to say iLov305 is extinct. Instead, it has partnered with El Dorado Cantina from Las Vegas to open a new concept in the space that will serve Mexican and Latin food under the same roof.

The nightclub part of iLov305 will live on after dark. Think of it this way: the space acts as a restaurant by day and turns into more of a nightclub once the sun goes down. We assume this is where the sexy people will congregate. They have to go somewhere.

Inside El Dorado 305 on Ocean Drive.

So why is El Dorado 305 replacing the iLov305 restaurant?

“We wanted to expand El Dorado Cantina to the East Coast, and Miami’s iconic scene on Ocean Drive was the perfect location,” said general manager Domingo Lopez. “As partners of both El Dorado Cantina and iLov305, we decided to incorporate our award-winning Mexican restaurant with iLov305 as an eatery and nightlife destination.”

Pitbull, by the way, is still the brand ambassador for the project.

“I heard about the El Dorado Cantina during my residency in Las Vegas,” he said in a press release. “I thought, ‘This is just what the 305 needs.’ “

Apparently the 305 needs an El Dorado Cantina in order to eat Mexican favorites like burritos, enchiladas, fajita platters and tacos at Ocean Drive prices. This translates to $20 tableside guacamole and $19 for cheese enchiladas. A platter of street tacos - nine in all - will set you back $40. If you want to get fancy and order a signature taco platter - which includes nine filet mignon, duck, salmon, shrimp and lobster choices - you’ll pay $80 for the privilege.

Is this where the sexy people will come?

But don’t worry. If Mexican food isn’t your thing, you can order a burger ($22) or a Cuban sandwich ($18) because that is a reasonable price for such things. There are other Latin specialties, too, such as Armando’s Favorite Ropa Vieja, which costs $28.

The menu also includes a variety of Instagram-appealing drinks like La Diabla ($25), a drink that serves two and comes with the admonishment “Get lit with this sexy she-devil.” OK. It’s made with blanco tequila fresh orange juice, pineapple juice, guava nectar, grenadine and fresh lime juice and garnished with edible orchids.

Or you could try The 305 Grenade, which serves four or more, for $65. That comes with Voli Vodka, light rum, watermelon juice, cranberry juice, lemonade and fresh fruit and tiki umbrellas. Everybody gets a straw. Here’s hoping everybody gets an Uber, too.

Feeling basic? Order a strawberry margarita.

El Dorado 305

1060 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Open: Daily for lunch dinner and after-hours dining; weekend brunch on Saturday and Sunday

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