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Is Unicorn Factory worth your money? You be the judge

Wynwood’s new Unicorn Factory is the epicenter of Miami magicalness. It is a place where dreams come true, if your dreams involve plastic and plush unicorns, questionable lighting, disco balls and occasional duck face.

Think of it as a successor to the famous Museum of Ice Cream, only without the ice cream or the environmentally shady sprinkle pool. Also? Think more Miami.

If you've ever wanted to jump into a pool of sprinkles, or swing on a banana swing while eating a chocolate covered frozen banana, a new museum on Miami Beach is waiting for you. The Museum of Ice Cream is opening on Collins Ave. in Miami Beach wi

What’s the point of this place, you ask? The point is to pay almost 40 bucks a person - yes, that includes kids over 3 - and wander through a variety of rooms involving unicorn related items (sometimes only marginally). You pose. You take photos. You take videos. You worry about infection.

There is no food. There is no drink. There are no activities. There’s only you, your cell phone and the unicorns and possibly a couple of young women taking belfies.


But no judgment! You can strike any pose at Unicorn Factory. Imagination is your only limit. This becomes even more apparent when you view some of the #unicornfactory photos on Insta.

So take pictures! Have fun! Try not to worry about the lighting. Should you require inspiration, here is a photographic record of all the things you can do at the Unicorn Factory.

Meet a unicorn


He’s plastic but magical.

So many unicorns!


And so many pastels.


Photos by Connie Ogle

And remember filters are your friend because the lighting is jacked in this place.

Get sparkly


The disco ball corner is your best place for a close-up.

Werk, part II


Just don’t lie down on that bench.

Be a baller


Mo’ money, mo’ unicorns.

Why is it so dark in this room?


Not even a flash can help you now.

Be dramatic


Modeling is exhausting.

Be a queen


Pose on some of DJ Khaled’s furniture.

Get into the swing!


Wait, is that a poop emoji?



We’re sure no germy little kids waded through that ball pit.

Be a Stepford Wife


The dream of the ’50s is alive at Unicorn Factory.

Remember you just paid almost $40 to be here



Unicorn Factory

  • Where: 2600 NW 5 Ave, Miami
  • Admission: $38 per person; kids 3 and under free
  • Buy tickets: Online only