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Miami is one of the top 10 places to drink craft beer in the world. Raise a glass to the hipsters!

Learning that people in Miami like to drink craft beer is the least surprising thing since finding out construction isn’t yet completed on 836.

But did you know Miami is one of the top places to drink craft beer in the world? At least according to, a Dutch startup that analyzed 100 cities and came up with a list of best craft beer cities on the planet. (We can’t speak for other planets or that black hole they just released a photo of - all we know is no beer escapes a black hole so we assume a lot gets consumed there).

But if there’s a gravitational pull toward craft beer, we’ve got it in Miami. According to this study, Miami is the no. 8 craft beer city in the world.

This seems high to us, but Wynwood does exist, and everybody knows that where hipsters go, craft beer follows. Or possibly vice versa. examined what it calls “vital craft-beer indicators” such as how many bars each city has per kilometer (we told you they were Dutch), prices, beer production, bar operating hours, legal drinking age and per capita beer consumption.

MIA Beer Company in Doral is keeping the craft beer dream alive in Miami. Nikko Azan

Scanmovers cites fictional pastel cop Sonny Crockett in its reasoning for naming Miami no. 8 and also refers to us as a city of “pensioners” more than once - clearly the analysts there have never heard of Ultra. But no matter. We are sure this painstaking investigation is 100 percent legit.

The top beer drinking city in the world is Denver, Colorado. Suck it, Dublin! You’re only no. 2, followed by Chicago, London, Bangkok, Vancouver and Portland, Oregon. Luxembourg and San Diego are nos. 9 and 10 respectively.

We would’ve thought Dublin was no. 1, what with the Guinness situation and all, but perhaps we are engaging in nasty stereotyping. What we do know is that surely Miami’s hipsters carried us into the top 10. Raise a glass (of craft beer) and celebrate.

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Beer! At Harry’s Pizzeria in Coconut Grove.