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Skip the ventanita (gasp!). You can now order Versailles’ croquetas from your couch

We’ve got some terrible news for your New Year’s diet: You can now order croquetas from your couch.

Versailles Cuban restaurant and its sister restaurant, La Carreta, are now available on Uber Eats. That means their croquetas — and, yes, pastelitos, vaca frita, palomilla steak, whatever your vice — are just a few swipes away. Through Friday, all deliveries are free.

“With Uber Eats, you can now get your croquetas or ropa vieja delivered when you want it, where you want it,” Uber Eats’ Juan Pablo Restrepo said in a release.

If you’ve spent any time on the delivery apps — and, of course, you have — you know you’ve long been able to punch up croquetas and Cuban cuisine from, among others, Sergio’s Cuban restaurant. Vicky Bakery, too, was an early adopter.

But the Versailles name grabs attention. They recently partnered with chef Michael Schwartz and his Harry’s Pizzeria to make a Cuban sandwich pizza.

Miami Herald food editor Carlos Frías won the 2018 James Beard award for excellence in covering the food industry. A Miami native, he’s also the author of “Take Me With You: A Secret Search for Family in a Forbidden Cuba.”