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Tiny sushi bar opens in Versace mansion. Here’s what to know before you go

The question is on everyone’s lips: Should I spend $125 to sit at an intimate sushi bar in the former Versace mansion and eat expensive and ridiculously delicious sushi?

Yes. Yes, you should. Provided the $125 is not too hard to come by, and you can afford to indulge your interest in the sake dispenser or the delicately crafted cocktails or the Japanese whiskey. You may be eating peanut butter sandwiches for the next month, but it will be worth it.

The Manhattan concept Sushi By Bou – created by Michael Sinensky, Erika London and Chef David Bouhadana – opens Feb. 5 at the former Versace mansion, upstairs in Gianni’s Suite. It’s a four-seat sushi bar that specializes in an hour-long omakase experience. That means chef’s choice. That means you don’t get to pick. If someone puts sea urchin down in front of you, you eat sea urchin. And you will not regret it.

Sushi making is fascinating, and watching the skill of the chef is part of the show. Our chef was Chef Mike. He can really make sushi.

Chef Mike shows off a slab of waygu beef at Sushi By Bou in the former Versace mansion.

Also, you should know these things before booking a reservation:

Show up on time, people. We know you’re from Miami and don’t understand the word “late.” But if you’re not here on time, you may not get your full omakase experience. And you do not want to miss a moment of briny or buttery goodness.

Attire is smart casual. Attention, tourists. Don’t come in your “I’m in Miami, bitch!” T shirt and flip flops.

Arrive able and willing to eat anything. Carb- or gluten-free diets can’t be accommodated; neither can vegans or vegetarians. The one exception? Sushi By Bou can still hook you up if you have a shellfish allergy.

Here’s how your night will go.

Start in the lounge

The lounge at Sushi by Bou is so cozy you won’t want to leave.

Grab a seat, then hit the sake dispenser, which features six different types of cold sake. Not sure where to start? Ask a helpful hostess or bartender.

You can also order drinks at the small bar, which specializes in craft cocktails made with Japanese vodka and whiskey. You can enjoy the lounge before or after your dinner (or both) and remember, the bartenders can whip up tasty non alcoholic drinks, too.

Head to the room where it happens

Sit at the sushi bar and prepare for many mouthfuls of joy.

When it’s your turn, the hostess will lead you into the dining room, where a series of wonders will appear on your plate. Be brave and eat them all.

Eat a lot of sushi

Great roe or greatest roe ever? You be the judge.

The menu may change depending on what’s available, but we had stone crab and fluke, hamachi and tuna, scallop and sea urchin. Salmon and snapper, too. There was also a surf and turf bite with wagyu beef. Remember when we said Sushi By Bou can’t accommodate vegetarians? Chef Mike toasted that beef to perfection.

Sushi by Bou

  • Where: 1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

  • Cost: $125, includes gratuity and tax; drinks not included.

  • Reservations here