New Hampshire: The big chill

An acre-sized ice castle is now open again Lincoln, New Hampshire. The castle — one of four in the country — features archways, tunnels, an ice slide and glacial waterfalls that are lit up at night with colored lights set into the ice. Last year’s version was at the base of Loon Mountain. This year, the Utah-based Ice Castles entertainment company chose a new location next to the Hobo and Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroads. The construction process involves elaborate sprinkler systems that spray water onto metal racks to produce thousands of icicles. The icicles are then harvested and stuck to the ground around sprinkler heads, where they are drenched in water and grow in various shapes and formations depending on the temperature and wind. Admission prices in Lincoln range from $6.95 for children on weekdays to $12.95 for adults on weekends. Other castles are opening this winter in Utah, Minnesota and Stratton Mountain in Vermont.


Associated Press