Gear + gadgets: Key control


Let’s face it: A bunch of keys on a key ring are a jangling disorderly mess. Throw them in your pocket along with your cellphone and you risk scratching the screen or poking a hole in your pocket.

Not so with a simple, yet effective key organizer called Orbitkey. This isn’t rocket science; just a 6.5-inch-long by .75-inch-wide flexible band that doubles over and holds up to seven standard flat keys stacked neatly in place via a locking screw and shaft system. Swivel out a key as needed, then back it goes into the stack.

An integrated D-ring lets you attach larger items, such as a car key or mini clicker device, which typically are too big to fit inside the band.

The Orbitkey band is available in leather in seven color/stitching combinations or in Elastomer rubber in five colors, including bright pink, aqua and green.

Optional add-ons include a bottle opener “key” as well as an 8GB and 32GB USB memory card “key,” which stash in the stack along with your other keys. The Orbitkey system won’t work for everyone’s key collection, but when it does, it beats a jangling clump.

Orbitkey is $29.95 in Elastomer rubber; $39.95 in leather; optional bottle opener is $7.50; 32GB USB memory card key is $34.95; 8GB memory card key, $19.95; at