Travel tech

Could these reveal last-minute deals worth packing for?

Name: Flight Tonight app and

Available: iOS

Cost: Free

What they do: To use Flight Tonight, a simple iOS app from, you input your hometown airport code and it returns same-day flight deals — domestic and international — for that airport and nearby cities. Results vary throughout the day because of frequent updates. If you check later in the afternoon and evening, you'll find deals that leave the next day.

What’s hot: The app is for those who must make last-minute trips and for travelers who can be spontaneous and can usually spend a little more. Check the app earlier in the day if possible to get the broadest selection of flight and deal options. To get details on cheap flights between two destinations, see the “When to Fly and Buy” on the website. Also check the “Deals” section that features upcoming destination-specific deals from your hometown.

What’s not: If you’re serious about being spontaneous, don’t rely solely on the app but also search It’s more work, but I found even better prices and more destination options on in my tests. The app also might specify a return flight that would keep you at your destination a certain number of days, but the website offers more flexibility, allowing you to search different days or exact dates.

Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times