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Gibson Holders Steel Wire
Gibson Holders Steel Wire

With all the swank newfangled stands for cellphones and tablets, I’ve fallen in like with a simple unfashionably inexpensive alternative. Meet unassuming, under-heralded Gibson Holders, heavy duty vinyl-coated steel-wire display stands that provide stability, adjustability and foldability. Just what you might want for travel.

Known mainly for its plate holders and display easels, Gibson has introduced two sturdy steel wire stands just the right dimensions for cellphones and tablets (or e-readers). The 3C Small 3-Wire Display Stand (not the catchiest of names) is 4.75 inches high, 2 inches wide, and about one-inch deep when folded down. Its 3 wires rotate up or down from their connecting bolt and screw joints, with the two bottom wires forming a base, and the third providing back-up stability. The front wire has a curved-up lip that keeps the phone from sliding out of the holder. The 3AC-B 2-Wire Display Stand (for tablets, etc.) has a curved-lip front base and straight back base that rotate out from their connecting joints. The stand folds down to just 7.5 inches by 3.75 inches by 1.25 inches deep. Both stands accommodate vertical or horizontal display at any angle you choose. That’s it, folks.

Gibson Holders 3C Small 3-Wire Display Stand is $3.49; 3AC-B 2-Wire Display Stand is $4.49 at