Gear + Gadgets: Armed nightlight

Flash Armpocket
Flash Armpocket

Armpocket makes neoprene armband “pockets” with touch-control windows for carrying cellphones and other electronic devices hands free and protected from the elements. The company’s latest innovation is the Flash Armpocket for night outings.

A vertical line of three bright red LED lights flank each side of the touch screen window. The battery operated push-button control mechanism (replaceable CR2032 battery is included) slides into a little side pocket on the armband. One push of the button (from outside its pocket) activates the 6 LED lights, producing a solid red glow. Push again and the six red lights flash slowly; another push produces quick flashing — an especially urgent alert on dark roadsides. One more push powers off.

The water-resistant zippered case holds electronic devices up to 5.5 inches by 3.75 inches by .5 inches deep (larger models are on the way). Two slim stretch slots inside the case behind your device can hold a credit card, key, or other small item. The vented adjustable padded arm strap fastens via a Velcro closure. Slit openings on the bottom of the case accommodate headphone cables. A little Velcro-closure side strap secures cables, such as a charging cable.

Flash Armpocket is $49.95 at