Gear + gadgets: Umbrella with a view

Goggles Bubble Umbrella
Goggles Bubble Umbrella

Most umbrellas are designed to provide shelter from raindrops falling on your head. But what about when the downpour is pelting you from the side? That might be a good time for an umbrella canopy that is not just wide, but also deep.

That’s the playful and practical concept behind the Goggles Bubble Umbrella. The umbrella’s deep birdcage-shaped canopy frame has a big goggle-shaped cutout with a transparent plastic insert so you can see in front of you while under cover.

The designers couldn’t resist playing a little more off the underwater theme by topping off the umbrella with a periscope-shaped plastic cap, for a whimsical submarine motif. The U-shaped handle is slip-resistant rubber.

The Goggles Bubble Umbrella is available in yellow or gray. It is also available in black with green tinted PVC goggles, that are meant to simulate a night-vision look, without actually providing night vision. Why? Don’t know, but looks kind of Batman-ish.

Goggles Bubble Umbrella in yellow, gray or black is $32 at