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<cutline_leadin>Rotation 180 Travel Away backpack <252>with rotating beltpack</cutline_leadin>
<cutline_leadin>Rotation 180 Travel Away backpack <252>with rotating beltpack</cutline_leadin>

Backpacks are ideal for hiking, but you have to take them off to get to the contents. Beltpacks can be worn in front or back, but have limited storage space, and can be clunky riding under a backpack. Now comes the Rotation 180 Travel Away Backpack, from MindShift Gear, which comes with a beltpack that stows neatly into its own integrated cubby hole at the bottom of the backpack.

For easy access to the belt pack, just rotate the whole thing out of its nesting spot to the front of your body. Then rotate it out of the way back into its backpack slot. An added security bonus is that, with the belt pack stashed in its “room,” important documents, electronics, wallets and other valuables inside it are safe from prying hands, without the hassle of a padlock.

Both the backpack and beltpack can be worn on their own, and both have multiple internal and external pockets and slots for efficient organizing. The 18.5-liter backpack is 20 inches high, about 12 inches wide and 7 inches deep, with thick padding on the back and straps. The beltpack is about 10 inches wide by 7 inches high and 2 inches deep, and functions as the backpack’s stabilizing hip belt when stowed. An optional rain cover fits over the whole kit and caboodle and comes with an extra rain cover to protect the beltpack when it’s out front.

Rotation 180 Travel Away backpack with beltpack in blue or charcoal is $199.99; Rain Cover is $19.99; at