Gear + Gadgets: Muscle-bound USB cable

Titan Loop Key Chain USB Cable
Titan Loop Key Chain USB Cable

A company called Fuse Chicken bills its proprietary USB cables as the “toughest on earth.” That may very well be true. Responding to a near-universal complaint over cables that fray and separate from their attached connector plugs — rendering the cables useless — the company wraps all its cables in flexible industrial-strength steel, seals the two connector ends in a one-piece heavy duty rubber housing, then fuses the housing directly over the electronics and metal cabling. Now that’s tough.

My favorite FuseChicken cable is the neat new Titan Loop Key Chain USB Cable. The 9-inch-long cable loops in half, with the phone connector end sliding snugly into a rubber-encased slot bonded to the USB connector end. The resulting loop attaches easily to a key chain, belt loop or back pack, ever ready to charge and sync on the go, wherever a USB port is available.

The great news is that the Titan Loop does appear pretty much indestructible, although I tried viciously to twist, bend, and pull so as to damage the electronic connection. No dice. I suppose a hacksaw or blow torch might have done the trick, but in real life we want our USB cables to remain on the job.

This is all great news, although as of yet, the Titan Loop is available only for the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus — meaning iOS phones with Lightning connectors. The company plans to branch out into Android territory, but no timeline has been formalized.

Titan Loop Key Chain USB Cable is $30 at