Gear + gadgets: Sip, scrunch, and stash these bottles

Bubi Folding Silicone Water Bottle
Bubi Folding Silicone Water Bottle

Lightweight flexible silicone water bottles have been hiker favorites for quite awhile. Bubi Water Bottles provide a nifty new twist — or rather fold — on these sturdy, conservation-friendly bottles. When empty, Bubi Bottles can be rolled up and secured that way by their integrated D-ring carabiner, which attaches to belt loops or backpacks.

The bottles come in 14-ounch or 22-ounce sizes, are BPA-free, microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and can be turned inside out for cleaning. Optional accessories include a screw-on Sports/Sippy Lid, that can be switched out with the included water-tight lid; and a “Hatch,” a slide-on sleeve that helps insulate hot or cold liquids, and has a nylon tightening cord to keep the sleeve snugly in place when the bottle is folded. Bubi Bottles come in eight bright colors, or clear.

The watertight bottles also can be used as dry bags to protect cell phones, matches, first aid supplies or dry goods such as rice, oatmeal, tea or coffee. Fill with cold or hot water for a soothing compress, freeze for an ice pack, or boil to sterilize.

The 14-ounce Bubi Water Bottle is $16.99; 22-ounce model, $24.99; insulating Hatch is $7.99; Sports/Sippy screw cap, $5.99; at