Universal’s Harry Potter ride opened a month ago. There are more problems

It’s been a month since the opening of Universal Orlando’s Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure opened to the masses with 8- to 10-hour wait times.

While lines may no longer get that bad, there are other issues.

A week after the ride opened, Universal made changes to its opening and closings to accommodate riders and do maintenance on the ride.

However, things haven’t changed since then. Fans and guests still say that the ride openings are not consistent and it sometimes closes earlier than the park.

On Thursday, the Universal app was showing the ride was closed around 11 a.m., which is two hours after the park opens, and eventually showed that it was open around 1 p.m.

Universal tweeted Wednesday that the ride will be undergoing additional changes and updates, saying it will now officially close before the park does and that operating hours will continue to vary.

For now, the best way to get a turn is to monitor the Universal app in the park and get to Hogsmeade when it opens to catch an early spot. Remember, the ride probably won’t open an hour or two later.

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