Travel tech: Fly Video Editor

Take your travel vacation videos to the next level with this app and a few smart edits.

Name: Fly Video Editor

Available: Requires iOS 8 and works best with iPhone 5 and above.

Cost: The app is free, but additional feature packs are $2.99 to $9.99 each, or a bundle for $5.99.

What it does: It’s a video editor that allows you to combine four videos into one. Trim, dissolve or cut to the next video, add music and save the final product to your camera for sharing.

What’s hot: This app makes editing easy. I’ve tried a few different video-editing apps and computer software, and they can sometimes be complicated and intimidating for a beginner. But you don’t need an engineering degree to use Fly. I loved that you could import music from your iTunes library. It even adjusts vertical videos so you can use them with your horizontal ones. Need tips or inspiration? Don’t miss its Instagram feed @editonthefly.

What’s not: I don’t always just shoot video. Taking photos comes more naturally to me, and I wanted to include some family travel photos in my video. Hold tight. Adding photos is a new feature that will launch this summer.

Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times