Gear + Gadgets: A good hang-up

Spectrum Over the Door Wardrobe Rack
Spectrum Over the Door Wardrobe Rack

Sometimes closet hanger space is insufficient — or in some lodgings non-existent. No problem. Just grab hold of the Spectrum Over the Door Wardrobe Rack, a well-designed rubber-coated steel clothing rack with brackets on each end that hang over doors up to 15/8 inches thick. Weighing in at just over a pound, the rack provides 17 inches of hanger bar cast in a wavy design so garments don’t slide around on the rack. Reinforcing diagonal bars hold the rack in place about 10 inches from the door surface, with side bars on both ends that can hold even more hangers. Vertical back bars on both sides extend about 7 inches down from the top of the door. The rack stashes easily in a standard wheel-aboard bag. Place the rack in first, then lay out the rest of the contents between the bars. I keep an extra in my car. Works great for hang-drying garments on the back of a bathroom or closet door.

Spectrum Over the Door Wardrobe Rack is $11.99 at