One day, an Instagram model was living her best life on a yacht. The next, she was dead

Sinead McNamara
Sinead McNamara

She was seemingly having the time of her life. And then her life was no more.

Global Instagram model Sinead McNamara was found unconscious Friday on a superyacht docked in Greece, CNN reports.

The 20-year-old native Australian had reportedly been working as a crew member on the ship owned by Mexican mining billionaire Alberto Baillères. He was not on board, according to widespread media reports.

The Mayan Queen IV was anchored off the island of Kefalonia; other crew members discovered the woman tangled in some rope off the side of the boat. She still had a pulse, but died en route to the hospital.

A coroner told CNN on Tuesday that her death was ruled a hanging.

Local Greek media site also reported that it was an “attempted suicide,” before she died.

According to the, McNamara had recently gone through a bad breakup.

“She was upset and made comments about a relationship ending or some sort of trouble in her private life,” the source told the Aussie media outlet.

The woman’s last post was on Aug. 27, off the Greek coastline. Many sent their condolences.

“R.I.P. beautiful angel,” wrote one.

Another poster couldn’t help but mention the irony: “I hope that it‘s not true, but i must say, if this girl really got suicidal, it‘s crazy but i think she just had such a perfect life, that she couldn’t take a heartbreaking end of a relationship.”

And yet another mentioned that social media love isn’t exactly the real thing.

“[F]ollowers can’t bring happiness. Please, reach out to someone if you’re ever feeling that there is no other choice. Spread the love.”