Gear + gadgets: Adaptable travel pillow in a snap

ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow
ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow

With all the travel pillows on the market, can yet another new entry possibly be all that different and improved? Surprisingly, the ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow delivers the good (that is, good head and neck support) in an innovative way that warrants enthusiasm.

The 19-inch by 12-inch rectangular pillow is made of a baby-blanket soft polyester fabric and stuffed with a plump yet featherweight fill. The ingenious part is the six strategically imbedded magnets and two suction cups, which allow the pillow to be re-shaped and reconfigured to provide optimum comfort in different circumstances.

Sitting in a window seat? Those suction cups can secure the pillow to the window, so you can lean into the cushiness without worrying about slippage. For ultimate neck support, bend the pillow in half lengthwise, and snap together the three magnets along the periphery at each end of the pillow. or, snap together only the two opposing middle magnets and the two ends will fan out like a fat bow tie, cradling both sides of your head in cozy fluff. Snap or roll the ZNZI into other configurations for use as a back support, arm rest or chin rest.

The pillow rolls up for stuffing into an included nylon sack with double straps that can be slipped over luggage handles or clipped to a backpack or shoulder bag. Let the nodding off begin. (Warning: The magnets can interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps).

ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow, in navy, plum or charcoal, is $45.99 at