Gear + gadgets: Magnetic dashboard mount

MagicMOUNT Mat and adhesive-backed magnetic plate with GPS device.
MagicMOUNT Mat and adhesive-backed magnetic plate with GPS device.

Another day, another product for mounting electronic devices in your car, on your desk, wherever. Scosche’s new MagicMOUNT system has some particularly gripping features. The core magnetic unit, a 2-inch-square, half-inch-thick disk, contains extremely strong neodymium magnets. Just hover a magnetic metal object near the disk, and you’ll feel it powerfully pulling the object toward it, then holding firm.

Each disk is configured to mount onto a specific Scosche base. The flexible rubber MagicMOUNT Mat is particularly reliable sitting atop a car dashboard, and works great with GPS devices, cell phones, and tablets. The MagicMOUNT XL Surface is a flat core magnetic unit with a strong 3M adhesive backing that mounts electronic devices flush on most surfaces — a table, a wall, a dashboard.

Each mount comes with 2 slim magnetic plates (a large 2 1/2-inch-square plate for tablets, and a small inch-plus-square plate for phones). The plates, which come with the strong 3M adhesive backing, can be attached directly to the back of a device, or slipped between the device and its case — that’s how strong the magnets are — without exposing the adhesive. The latter option makes the plates easily transferable between devices. The adhesive can be detached fairly easily, but that reduces the sticking power. Additional magnetic plates can be purchased.

MagicMOUNT Mat is $39.99; MagicMOUNT XL Surface is $24.99; MagicMOUNT Plate Kit containing a small, medium and large magnetic plate with 3M adhesive backings is $12.99; at