Travel tech: Digiboo

Think Redbox for jet-setters who prefer to download rather than stream. Say what? It’s a new movie-rental option found in several U.S. and Canadian airports.

Name: Digiboo

Available: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 6 or later. Also available for Android 2.3 or later on Google Play and Windows. Requires 4GB available space.

Cost: The app is free; movie rentals are $4.99.

What it does: It’s an app that works in conjunction with a digital rental kiosk.

What’s hot: It was just what I needed at just the right time — on a 3 1/2 -hour layover in Houston before the last leg of a return flight home. The kiosk directions were easy to understand, the app was quick to download to my smartphone and although the movie took 15 minutes to download, I was told in advance and continued because I had the time. The best part? I didn’t have to rely on sluggish airport Wi-Fi because the Digiboo kiosk has its own.

What’s not: User reviews are fairly poor on both the iTunes Store and Google Play. Users seem to have different experiences depending on their devices and Wi-Fi strength at various airports. That said, I didn’t have any difficulties on my iPhone 6 Plus. The description in Google Play notes that a new player is coming in June to accommodate Android 5.0 and above. My only peeve was that I couldn’t buy the movies on my smartphone and then download them separately on multiple devices so that each family member had his or her own movie to watch.

Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times