Travel tech

Just in time for spring and summer road trips, here’s an app that can save you time and money.

Name: Gas Guru

Available: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or later. Android on Google Play.

Cost: Free

What it does: Locates gas stations by price near your current location. Can also search by city.

What’s hot: I’ve known that apps like this existed, but out of habit I always filled up at the gas station down the street. Once I tried the completely redesigned Gas Guru app, I found a number of stations that were cheaper than my usual spot. Thanks to the app, I could save 30 cents to 54 cents a gallon at stations less than four miles from my house and close to shops I drive by regularly. You can use the app in map mode and get directions or view by list and sort by price or distance. It’s easier to use than its competitor, GasBuddy.

What’s not: I wanted two more features: a “favorites” list, where I could save gas stations, and a road trip calculator. If I find stations I like or want to plan ahead for a trip, I’d like to note my preferences without needing to use another app or pencil and paper.

Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times