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Miami home show to emphasize union of art and home design

‘Pop Optic’ by Marco Beria, a Venezuelan-born painter from Fountainhead Studios who will be the “ambassador” for the North Miami neighborhood exhibit.
‘Pop Optic’ by Marco Beria, a Venezuelan-born painter from Fountainhead Studios who will be the “ambassador” for the North Miami neighborhood exhibit. Marco Beria

Home design will intersect with the art world at the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show, which opens Friday at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The four-day convention, which organizers expect will draw more than 60,000 people, will emphasize the union of art and home design while showcasing the latest in home improvements, renovations and interior design.

“The show will be a bridge to bring the arts community and residents together,” said Sharon Berube, spokeswoman for the show.

Artists have been invited to be involved in previous shows, but this year art will take center stage with multiple gallery exhibits.

“We wanted to take it a step farther,” Berube said. “Art has become so hot in South Florida, and the reality is there are a lot of local homeowners who now collect art. When a homeowner is redesigning, art plays an integral role.”

For its first art showcase, seven art galleries from across Miami will represent the diverse styles available locally. The “At Home with Art: Spotlight on Miami’s Art Districts” exhibit will feature 22 artists whose work is displayed in galleries from North Miami to Cutler Bay.

Marco Beria, 58, a Venezuelan-born painter, will be the “ambassador” for the North Miami neighborhood exhibit. Beria, who is from Fountainhead Studios, says he believes art and home design are the perfect marriage.

“I am so proud that now they are incorporating the artists into this because before they were using artists in the vignettes, but there was no connection directly with the artists” for the show-goers, Beria said.

For him, the show will be a chance to network with both designers and homeowners.

“I do see it is a great opportunity for my art to be exposed in the show and to be seen by decorators,” Beria said. “I would love to work with decorators.”

Beria, who describes his style as minimalist, will exhibit landscape works painted geometrically. He says he wants homeowners at the show to learn that art is accessible to everyone, not just collectors.

“It will educate people to see art as something to have at home,” Beria said. “Everyone would love to have a great painting in their house.”

In addition to the art, representatives at each district’s exhibit will be available to dispense information about neighborhood art walks, galleries and openings, museums and other cultural events.

“The showcase is celebrating the districts and all of the resources and talent,” Berube said.

Show-goers will also have the opportunity to get home-improvement tips at a number of seminars.

Beyond art and design, there will also be culinary presentations on another stage by South Florida chefs.

“The kitchen has always been the heart of the home … so that was our inspiration for creating the culinary pavilion,” Berube said.

On the other stage, home designers and television personalities will talk about how to develop room design concepts.

Vanessa DeLeon, an interior designer who has offices in New York, will talk about how a piece of art can serve as the inspiration for a room’s entire decor.

“I am inspired by art, and I think it is important to be inspired,” said DeLeon, 35. “Art is at the forefront of innovation and design.”

Art can dictate the design plans for a room in a number of ways, she says. She suggests using a piece of work to determine a room’s color scheme.

“I think people are always scared to commit to color,” DeLeon said. “I think art is a great way of bringing color into a room.”

DeLeon believes art is imperative to home design, so she tries to educate her clients about how to collect art, which she will also touch upon at the seminar.

Viviana Malave, a Sunny Isles interior designer, has participated in the show for the past four years, but looks forward to working more intimately with artists this year.

Malave, 49, has designed a bold Art-deco style room inspired by the work of painter Tina Salvesen and sculptor Sandra Garcia-Padro. Both are also exhibiting their art as part of the “At Home with Art” exhibition.

“We as designers are always looking for local artists to dress up our rooms,” Malave said.

Malave says she currently works with about ten artists from South Florida, but hopes to connect with more at the show.

“The joint work is important because art for us is basically like the jewels we use to dress up a room,” Malave said.

Berube says that the showrooms are at the heart of the show, as they bring ideas and services together in a visual representation for homeowners.

Homeowners “are looking for ideas. They want inspiration and a lot of us are visual, so what better way to get inspiration than to see products and vignettes, and talk to them and interact.”

If you go

What: Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show

When: 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Friday, noon to 10:30 p.m Saturday, noon to 7:30 p.m. Sunday and 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday

Where: Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Dr.

Admission: Tickets are available at homeshows.net. Advance tickets for adults ages 12 and up are $7. Children ages 3 to 11 are $1.