Helping People

Watch as Florida officers save the life of a baby choking on a Goldfish cracker

Kissimmee police came to the rescue of a choking a 1-year-old when a frantic mother asked for their help.

Just before 6 p.m. Saturday, the mother ran to an officer’s car with her baby who was not responding, police said.

The baby had chocked on a Goldfish cracker and wasn’t breathing.

Body camera footage from the officer shows him patting the baby’s back and doing the Heimlich maneuver. As the officer continues patting, another officer comes to console the crying mother.

Waiting for paramedics to arrive, several officers take turns performing the Heimlich.

The baby eventually began breathing again and was taken to a local hospital.

Miami Herald Real Time Reporter Devoun Cetoute covers breaking news, Florida theme parks and general assignment. He attends the University of Florida and grew up in Miami. Theme parks are on his mind in and out of the office.